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KM SIngapore Conference 2022 

12 OCT 2022 - Full Day virtual conference and afternoon  KMGN HacKMthon

13 Oct 2022 - Half Day Virtual session with Global speakers

Sustainable Knowledge Management.


Thinking Sustainability was first crafted in the concept of saving Gaia, and as we dwell deeper, having passed the pandemic and now with the great resignation, the concept of sustainable knowledge management is resurfacing from the 1994 paper by Murdoch and Clark. In their paper they said, “tacit and local knowledge still remains the superior form of knowledge as it lies outside science and is seen as representing a closer affinity with nature.

Todays world is dynamic and needs effort to maintain its balance, sustainability efforts to the environment is required and more so in the knowledge environment. The future of knowledge work embeds sustainability in all our efforts and all we do and have to do.

Come join us at our annual KM Virtual conference, where we will merge three events into one .

  1. The Annual KM Conference - Now Free as requested by KMS Members 
  2. The KMGN Hackathon - where the global community will get together to challenge the KM issues we face today and in the future (an in-person event held at NTU and online)
  3. The KM virtual conference - where keynotes Leading KM global thought leaders will share their views on knowledge sustainability.

we look forward to seeing you there

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We just had our first face to face event after 2 years !

A big thank you to all who were present at

"Surviving the Brain Drain"

(a KMS and Skills Future Festival collaborated event) 

KMSG 2022 is back in person! 

The future of knowledge work

TWO important trends are changing the way knowledge work gets done in organizations: 1. The emergence of new ways of reaching and engaging workers 2. The automation of knowledge work by means of artificial intelligence and other technologies Both trends have critical implications for business and are of particular importance to professional services firms.Read more

KMSG 2022

Knowledge Sustainability 

Knowledge management remains one of the top three issues affecting company success and has become even more essential with the COVID-19 pandemic’s scattering of staff among homes and work sites. However only nine per cent of business leaders feel ready to address it.

The new knowledge management 

The pace of change over the past few years has been accelerated by the diffusion of technology, speed of innovation and rapidly evolving business needs. Jobs have changed. New ones have emerged and replaced existing ones. In tandem with this, the required skills and competences have also rapidly evolved.  Read the report on the skills demand for the future economy by SSG. 


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Upcoming events


Membership fees have been revised and lowered by 90% in view of remote events and in the spirit of keeping KM efforts non profit 

Membership is now SGD $25 per Year.

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Knowledge ReadY OrganiSation

Active communication is very important to grow your organiSation and make a difference. the KRO aims to help organisation understand their strengths and gaps in their km journey

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KMGN Updates 

The Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN) is a not-profit network founded in 2014. It is composed of International communities of Knowledge Management Practitioners.

It is a network that unites KM representatives not at the level of individuals and experts, but at the level of country networks and alliances. This allows us to co-create new knowledge in the field of KM.

Co-creation makes the network mutually beneficial for everyone. Those who participate in KMGN events enriches him or her even more. The larger and stronger our network, the stronger partners we can attract, the more we grow and the more assets each of us has access to.

KMGN is the formalisation of a relationship between KM partner networks to share resources and work collaboratively 

Read More at the KMGN Page


Come 12 of Oct, the Global network will roll out its first global KM hackathon, coined hacKMthon, where we will collaborate and discuss issues of the challenges in the future of KM work.

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