Executive Committee

President, Rajesh Dhillon

Rajesh has served as a naval officer for 21 years in the Republic of Singapore Navy. His KM journey started early in his career in leading teams and later on in using AARs as learning tools. In 2016, he attained his MSc in KM from NTU and has since focused deeper in in AARs and Learning Organisations. He has been volunteering in grassroots for 8 years and graduated from the Peoples’ Association - Leadership in Community Program

Working with volunteer KM practitioners in the society, has enabled him to merge academic theories with real operational issues at workplaces, this is his main drive for building a learning organisation and supporting lifelong learning.

Email:  rajesh_dhillon@ikms.org

Vice President (Services), Salleh Anuar

Salleh Anuar is currently a Lead Organisational Development (OD) Consultant in the Civil Service College (CSC), Singapore. Prior to joining CSC, he was the Lead for Knowledge Management and Change Management in the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), where he led key organisation-wide systems and Transformation initiatives. He is a certified ProsciĀ® Change Management Practitioner and facilitator.

Salleh is currently Vice President of IKMS, currently focused on driving KM locally and globally through the development of the Global Knowledge Readiness Organisation Award (KRO Award). The KRO award serves to provide a transparent read back by a professional KM Evaluator and a Panel of Experts, through a personalised report card on the organisation's strengths and areas that may need further focus in order to boost intellectual capital. The KRO Award thus provides a strong foundation for Organisations to deal with the volatile, uncertain and complex world that we deal with today and sets the stage for Creativity and Innovation to occur in the workplace.

Email:  sallehanuar@ikms.org

Vice President (Global Network), Mohamad Faiz Selamat

Faiz is lead evangelist for ground up business solutions, which provides professional corporate services for Small Medium Businesses , Volunteer Welfare Organisations and Multi-National Corporations.

Passionate about learning and helping others learn, he has effected his personal philosophy of learning design, training systems, and organization performance, to education institutions, corporates, government and non profit agencies in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. As a social entrepreneur who believes in 'doing good business', he is always keen to find ways to help others such that it empowers and creates a sustainable resource for the recipient.

He hopes to create social and economic change through better education, better opportunities, and better economic prospects.

Email: faiz_selamat@ikms.org

Secretary, Melvyn Lim Kah Liang

Melvyn is a change consultant with extensive experience working with all organizational levels creating, promoting, and delivering training solutions designed to support the organization's business plan. As a practitioner of KM, he is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable business environment that supports learning through sharing.

He was brought into the role of a Consultant and Facilitator and throughout his appointment at several organizations designing and delivering successful technical programs for various OpenText Software, Fibre, Structured Cabling Technology, Customer Service Excellence, Sales and Change Management. His work has always been focused on meeting the strategic needs of the organization.

He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Computing & Instructional Design from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and is also an IDA Certified Structured Cabling Master Trainer, WDA Certified ACTA Facilitator and OpenText Certified Business Consultant.

Email: melvyn_lim@ikms.org

Treasurer, Lee Foon Yee

Foon Yee is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Information Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic. Her current research and teaching interests include Business and Big Data Analytics. She had taught modules in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Knowledge Management, E-Business Applications, Internet Application Development, Application Usability Design and Multimedia Applications Development.

Prior to teaching, she lead and worked on software development projects ranging from Command, Control & Communication (C3) System, real-time horse racing system, telecommunication work orders system, banking and finance system to warehouse and inventory system. She graduated from National University of Singapore with MSc and BSc in Computer and Information Science. She had served in the iKMS Exco team since 2005.

Email: lee_foon_yee@ikms.org

Member, Chao Yuming

Upon graduating with an honours degree in Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Yuming joined the Ministry of Defence holding a corporate IT portfolio.

He first encountered the realm of Knowledge Management through his job. Since then, he has increased his exposure in the KM industry through his service as part of the iKMS executive committee.

Yuming strongly believes in KM, and constantly promotes it as an integral to our daily work processes, steering away from the common misconception that KM is an IT tool.

Email: chao_yu_ming@ikms.org

Member, Sheila Tham Man Yeng

Sheila has over 14 years of varied experience from Administrative, Records Management, Human Resource and Organisational and Service Excellence. As a KM practitioner, she joined iKMS as a corporate member while with National Library Board in 2013 and then became more involved and joined iKMS ExCo a year after. She was also a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) - Knowledge Management Section to promote knowledge sharing to work collaboratively with other sections in IFLA and the application of knowledge management in libraries.

Sheila's KM projects includes developing an Common Electronic Registry Management System, adopting guidelines and policies from the National Archives of Singapore using Microsoft Sharepoint, building contents for Intranet, an Intranet mobile app and e-Learning Portal. She believes that with successful implementation and utilization of Knowledge Management would enable sharing and learning and collaboration in a changing business environment.
Email: sheila_tham@ikms.org

Member, Valerie Quay

Valerie joined the public service sector in February 2014 after spending most of her life away in the UK since her teens. A lawyer by training, and inquisitive in nature, she always had a love for understanding the whys and hows of how things come together.

Knowledge Management has been inculcated in most of her legal training, and influenced her further through her role as a strategy consultant.  One key lesson that continues to inspire Valerie in her KM pursuits is the challenge to always deepen and widen what we already know ; and use that as a premise to help us to be better learners, observers and practitioners for that which is to come.

Valerie enjoys strategic thinking, creative solutioning through collaboration and coffee chats with just everybody and anybody. She believes that tacit knowledge provides one of the best insights and intel to any given work we do.

Email: valerie_quay@ikms.org

Member, Lynn Hwang Yasniati

Lynn firmly believes that the most important aspect of education is that of the character. Being an advocate of values education through genuine learning experiences, she plays an active role in the management of various projects and initiatives pertaining to learning and development.

Years of teaching experience coupled with her degrees in both Physics and Knowledge Management have also given her an edge in her analytical and management skills. In recognition of this, she has often been approached to serve as an advisor in areas pertaining to the promotion of knowledge sharing as well as the facilitation of information exchange.

Lynn believes that the success of any organisation is highly dependent on the ability of its management to make rational, informed decisions. As such, one can never afford to underestimate the importance of knowledge management and the resources necessary for facilitation of collaboration or dissemination of information.

Email: lynn_hwang@ikms.org

Member, Selvi N

Selvi's first foray into KM was through her involvement as an iKMS Corporate Member. She was instrumental in ensuring her organisation's KM journey and development was attended to. She helped in their attaining of the Knowledge Ready Award for 2016. Her interest in KM has grown since and is now an invaluable member of the iKMS ExCo this year.  She is currently part of the KM Services team and supports the growth and development of organisations in Singapore and other countries in their KM journey. Her passion is in driving the KRO awards to a Global level.

Email: selvi@ikms.org

Member, Angeline Ang

Angeline has over 8 years of experience as an internal Organisation Development Practitioner in the Public Service. She has experience in the private and public sector, in particular, leading and launching key Enterprise and Knowledge Management systems such as Human Resource and Payroll System, Records Management systems and the Intranet using Microsoft Sharepoint.

She is a firm believer in aligning organisation functions and collaborating for better organisational effectiveness. She views Knowledge Management as an essential component to support organisational effectiveness and growth as helping organisations manage and promote knowledge would help individuals and teams in organisations to learn from various sources and increasing the ability to learn within organisations would lead to ideation and innovation.

Email: angeline_ang@ikms.org

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