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Updates on Change of Society Name and Amendment of Rules

Dear members,

We would like to provide an update on the application to Registry of Societies (ROS) on the Change of Name and Amendment of Rules for the society passed at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 23 Feb 2017.

We are pleased to announce that ROS has given approval to our proposed Society's Change of Name from “Information and Knowledge Management Society” to "Knowledge Management Society (KMS), Singapore”.

Next, ROS has also given their approval-in-principle to a majority of our proposed amendment of rules. Details of their approval status of each constitutional rule could be found in the attached document “IKMS_Constitution Amendment_2016 (Reply from ROS).pdf”.

Here is a quick summary on the amendment of rules that were approved by ROS:

    1    A separate application for change of name was approved and the society will be renamed as “Knowledge Management Society (KMS), Singapore” (Rule 1)
    2    Change in the Society’s objectives (Rule 3)
    3    Deletion of “Information” in (Rule 4.1 to 4.5)
    4    Revision of membership fees to take effect from 1st November 2017 (Rule 6.2)
    5    Replacement of Secretary to take on membership administration matters instead of the Treasurer (Rule 6.3)
    6    Inclusion of “digital” notification as a mode of communication for the Society (Rule 7.5)
    7    Allow Treasurer to be re-elected for consecutive terms of office (Rule 8.2)
    8    Reducing number of consecutive absent meetings by EXCO members before being withdrawn from 3 to 2 (Rule 8.5)
    9    Endorsement for expenditure exceeding $10,000 to be raised at AGM or EOGM (Rule 8.7)
    10  Removal of Secretary as one of the party to sign cheques (Rule 9.4)
    11  Removal of rule that visitors and guests to be admitted in the Society's premises, given that our society has no permanent physical office (Rule 12.1)
    12  Renumber subsequent rule numbers after Rule 12.1 due to removal of (previous Rule 12.1).

The following three amendment of rules were not approved by ROS and hence we have reinstated the original rules:

    1    Allowing existing quorum at General Meeting to amend existing rules [Revert to original Rule 7.10]
    2    Removal of Secretary as office bearer [Reinstate "Secretary" in Rule 8.1]
    3    Introducing Executive Secretary as non-office-bearer to replace Secretary to carry out administrative duties on top of secretariat duties [Retain Rule 9.3 and Remove new rule for "Executive Secretary"]

The EXCO would like to recommend for members to accept all the amendments made by ROS.

We have also attached “KMS_Constitution_2017September.pdf” which will be the new society’s constitution incorporated with all the above approved amendment of rules.

Should you have any queries, kindly drop an email to the Secretary at by 25 Sep 2017 6.00pm, after which full acceptance by the members of all amendments shall be deemed passed dated 25 Sep 2017, as all clauses were addressed as of AGM 2017.

Warmest Regards,
iKMS EXCO Committee

IKMS_Constitution Amendment_2016 (Reply from ROS).pdf


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