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We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to lead and serve Knowledge Management (KM) Professionals in Singapore through the provision of access to KM resources. These include academic and practitioner expertise, via face-to-face and online discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences.

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Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO), started in 2015 as an assessment that was meant to evaluate how well organisations were on their KM journey.

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Why 'Managing Knowledge'​ is a revolutionary idea!

Yes, you read it right! ‘Managing knowledge’ or the more popular term ‘Knowledge Management’ is a revolutionary idea


by Dr. Randhir Pushpa

Founder and Chief Consultant, ACIES Innovations - Knowledge Management consulting firm

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Upcoming events

    • 28 Feb 2020
    • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • 11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601 Lifelong Learning Institute

    Unpacking Organisational Transformation and Change

    KM Leadership Forum

    Members and friends of KMS are cordially invited to "Unpacking Organisational Transformation and Change, a leadership sharing session, which will facilitate how we can be ready to unpack and put into action the transformation for the decade.

    It’s a crucial time for organisations, and businesses have to change or risk dying in this disruptive environment. Within the public service and the corporates, we have been stormed with the tidal waves of change, be in it the form of Smart nation, change management, AI or Digitalisation it all comes back to leading transformation.

    What to Expect?

    ·       A robust and proven framework to lead transformation

    ·       A readiness assessment model of where you or your organisation is at present

    ·       Sharing of transformation initiatives  within the public service and corporate organisation.

    About Dr Karuna Ramanathan

    With more than two decades of experience and established track record in strategic organisational development, leadership development, and tacit knowledge creation.

    Dr Karuna has designed and facilitated more than 2000 interventions involving nearly 20 000 leaders and managers in more than 500 organisations and business teams. Previous in-house OD consultant to major Whole of Singapore Government programmes at senior leadership levels, involving major ministries and statutory boards. Change consultant to Brunei Government in Feb 2016. Acknowledged expertise in large system change programmes, co-creation and collaboration techniques, organisational storytelling and narratives, and tacit knowledge elicitation and transfer methods.

    He is also a certified Marshall Goldsmith Global Coach, Qualified NTL OD practitioner, Erikson Executive coach, certified facilitator, certified MBTI and FIRO-B, trained Performance Technologist (Chicago ISPI), and qualified instructional designer. Inventor of several storytelling models, including 251 (launched at KM World 2009 and used by SAF and the United Nations) and Author of Navigating the Seas of Change, a
    Practitioner Tips for Successful Organisational Transformation

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