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We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to lead and serve Knowledge Management (KM) Professionals in Singapore through the provision of access to KM resources. These include academic and practitioner expertise, via face-to-face and online discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences.

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Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO), started in 2015 as an assessment that was meant to evaluate how well organisations were on their KM journey.

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Why 'Managing Knowledge'​ is a revolutionary idea!

Yes, you read it right! ‘Managing knowledge’ or the more popular term ‘Knowledge Management’ is a revolutionary idea


by Dr. Randhir Pushpa

Founder and Chief Consultant, ACIES Innovations - Knowledge Management consulting firm

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    • 23 Oct 2020
    • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • ZOOM


    The Next Decade

    Our 7th part of the KM Conference series of Zoominars

    Title : 

    Building a Successful Data Driven Enterprise

    Time: 1500H – 1600H ( GMT +8)

    Via Zoom


     There is a collision of analytics, business intelligence, data science and machine learning with adjacent data related fields. Data science emerged as a new transdisciplinary field with mathematics (statistics and operation research), computer science (programming and logical thinking), and business domain as the key components surrounding data. Presently, everyone is rushing to reskill and upskill themselves with a wide spectrum of data related skillsets.

    Nevertheless….How to build a successful data driven enterprise? Why need to be a data driven enterprise? What are the key success factors? Who are the key data personnel? When and where to use the right data or use the data right?

    Brandon Ng 

    Brandon is currently a Senior Lecturer and Consultant with Data Science Practice Group in Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS). His current teaching and consulting areas are data visualisation and storytelling, geospatial analytics and supply chain analytics.

    He completed his study in Computer Science, major in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. He did research in Intelligent Transportation System for his master study.

    He used to work in various projects in different domains, namely e-government projects for taxation and e-services security, global wide e-payment gateway for online gaming, logistics system for global supply chain management, work flow and business process for investment, enterprise knowledge portal, data warehousing for dashboard and etc.

    Brandon has been a full time and adjunct lecturer for local IHL as well as several oversea universities. He taught subjects for courses in various areas, including Knowledge Management Techniques, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Application Development, Data Structure and Algorithm, Geospatial Information System and Technology for Mobility, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Processes, System/Business Analysis and Design, Database, Cyber Forensic, and others.

    • 06 Nov 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Zoom


    The Next Decade

    Title :  Principles for the Knowledge Manager: A Puzzle Solver's Toolset 

    Time: 1200H – 1300H ( GMT +8)

    Via Zoom

    Synopsis -

    Tactical Training Group Pacific teaches officers assigned as Knowledge Managers to employ principles when faced with Knowledge Management problems or opportunities. This session will: 
    - Introduce five fundamental KM Principles and their application
    - Provide exa
    mples from the US Navy Post-Deployment Interview Program

    - Delve into alternative principles to spark insight and understanding.
    Time required:  40 minutes plus questions

    Tactical Training Group Pacific teaches officers assigned as Knowledge Managers to employ principles when faced with Knowledge Management problems or opportunities.  Why principles? Principles, similar to "Force equals Mass multiplied by the Acceleration," become powerful tools that enable KMOs to analyze and solve diverse problems. This presentation will use Tactical Training Group Pacific's Post-Deployment Interview Program as the primary example and the session starts with a short description of the opportunity that led to the creation of the interview program and the subsequent evolution of the program. Five KM Principles taught during the Navy's Afloat Knowledge Management Course will be introduced and explained. These five Principles are also part of the Knowledge Superiority curriculum at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterrey. Examples from the interview program will highlight those five principles and their application in the full training cycle of the Navy's most complex organization afloat, the Carrier Strike Group. The presentation ends by reflecting on the last eight years of execution of the interview program, and introducing additional principles that sparked insight and a shift in understanding of both how and why the interview program works.

    Michael Hill

    Michael Hill is a Puzzle Solver. He has thirty years of education, training and experience solving operational and tactical puzzles for the United States Navy, including twenty years of unknowingly and eight years of purposefully practicing Knowledge Management in the military and as a contractor. 

    An instructor for the United States Navy's Afloat Knowledge Management Course for the last eight years, Mike is a team member of a repeat winner of the Department of the Navy's Chief Information Officer KM Award at Tactical Training Group Pacific (TTGP). His team was a team finalist for the KM Reality Award in 2016 (KM World awards). On this team, Mike trains naval officers for their role as Knowledge Management Officers.

    The overall mission of TTGP is to train Carrier Strike Group and Amphibious Readiness Group staffs to integrate subordinate units, deploy and operate 24/7/365 in a limited bandwidth environment for months on end. Or in commercial terms, acquiring vastly different companies that haven't worked together before, integrating them into one successful company, then moving the entire organization 12,000 miles to an austere environment where they must produce while sustaining their work force. Then return, divest everything, and do it all over again with another set of new companies.

    Mr. Hill has a Bachelor's of Science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Master's from The Australian National University.

    • 20 Nov 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Zoom


    The Next Decade

    Our eighth part of the KM Conference series of Zoominars

    Title : Technology opportunities & challenges for KM in the coming decade

    Time: 1500H – 1600H ( GMT +8)

    Via Zoom

    Synopsis -

    The working life of almost everyone has been suddenly disrupted by Covid-19, but this has often just accelerated technology trends that have been under way for some time. This talk will take a KM perspective on everything from working at home, to Office 365 and AI, sharing one view of we can make the most of the opportunities to come as KM professionals.

    James Robertson

    James is the founder of Step Two, a digital employee experience and digital workplace consultancy based in Australia. He's been involved in KM for two decades, and is the author of the books "Essential Intranets" and "Designing Intranets". He's keynoted conferences around the globe.

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