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We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to lead and serve Knowledge Management (KM) Professionals in Singapore through the provision of access to KM resources. These include academic and practitioner expertise, via face-to-face and online discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences.

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Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO), started in 2015 as an assessment that was meant to evaluate how well organisations were on their KM journey.

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Its Time to Govern Knowledge! by  Swapna Umakanth, 

Swapna, shares her insights and brings to attention the depth of KM in legal work. KM afterall strengthens the value a firm brings to its clients and as they present their cases. 

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A Legal Professional and a Student - In the KM Strategy masters program in NTU,Singapore 

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Upcoming events

    • 30 Jun 2021
    • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • ZOOM

    Pulse Check on your Organisation

    Managing knowledge, has been highlighted as one of the top three issues for organisations during this last two years as organisations struggle with having a scattered workforce. As reported by in Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends study only 9% of organisations feel ready to address it.

    KMS Singapore, will be sharing how we take a pulse check on our organisations, based on the six elements of the Knowledge Ready Organisation.

    The session will be in four parts,

    Building a Resilient Workforce

    Sharing by Rajesh S Dhillon, President KMS,Singapore

    Rajesh will share what are the areas that organisations should look at to ensure they have built a resilient workforce that is future ready. Is technology the answer to ensure critical knowledge is transferred as our workforce is scattered? What are the holistic approaches that organisations need to look at to enable harvesting of key knowledge elements? Does the commercial off the shelf “one size fits all” model work for everyone?


    The Future of Work

    Sharing by Mohd Faiz Selamat, Vice-President KMS,Singapore

    The way we work has changed, now most of us if not all, operate in a hybrid environment, how does this affect your workplace efficiency and effectiveness of inter-related departments, like operations and HR? while some organisations have bounced back relatively quickly, others face the challenges of reorganising workflows and strategies. Faiz will share the future of work and the areas of concern on why organisations need to be future ready.


    Being a Knowledge Ready organisation

    Sharing by  Selvi N and Sheila Tham, KRO Co- Leads, KMS.Singapore

    How do the six elements of the Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) give insight to organisations. Being a pulse check, the aim of the KRO works alongside other KM awards such as the MIKE and the KM ISO30401. The KRO is a growth model that equips the organisation and the transformation team with a maturity view of the effectiveness of their KM systems and giving directions and highlighting the blind spots within regardless of the type or size, or the products and services it provides.


    A Quick-fire session with a Knowledge Ready organisation

    Hear past KRO winner, AFCONS Infrastructure’s chief knowledge officer, Mr Rudolf D’Souza share how AFCONS has made giant strides in Knowledge Management & Innovation and led KM, as recipients of the Pinnacle Awards in the KM & Innovation field for the last 5 years. Rudolf is also recognized as ‘Among the 50 Most Admired Global KM Professionals’.

    Register at this link -//

Past events

06 Apr 2021 KM-AI Course
25 Mar 2021 20th Annual General Meeting
25 Mar 2021 E-Communities of Practice Panel discussion and 20TH Annual General Meeting
20 Nov 2020 KMSG 2020 Zoominar series 8 - Technology opportunities & challenges for KM in the coming decade
06 Nov 2020 KMSG2020 Webinar series - Principles for the Knowledge Manager: A Puzzle Solver's Toolset - Michael Hill
23 Oct 2020 KMSG 2020 webinar Series -Building a Successful Data Driven Enterprise by Brandon Ng
09 Oct 2020 KMSG2020 Webinar series - Values driven Leadership in the next decade
25 Sep 2020 KMSG2020 Webinar series - Managing Knowledge Through Crisis and Disruptions: The Need to ‘Know’ Yesterday, Plan Today, Be Ready for Tomorrow.
11 Sep 2020 KMSG2020 Webinar series - The worst Knowledge Manager in History
28 Aug 2020 KMSG 2020 Webinar series - The psychology of knowledge sharing
05 Aug 2020 KMSG2020 Webinar series - Creating Insight - Driven Opportunity & Value
24 Jul 2020 KMSG2020 Webinar series - The Changing Landscape of KM
28 Feb 2020 Unpacking Organisational Transformation and Change
16 Jan 2020 Enabling Efficient Knowledge Capture and Sharing Workshop
01 Nov 2019 Knowledge Ready Organisation Workshop
10 Oct 2019 Being Data Secure Ready in your Daily Operations
29 Aug 2019 KMSG19 - SMART Organisations - A Knowledge based enterprise for Society 5.0
29 May 2019 K-Day
22 Feb 2019 KMS Annual General Meeting 2019
22 Feb 2019 Knowledge Management Talk 1/19
22 Nov 2018 ISO30401:2018 Knowledge Management
18 Sep 2018 OKS-Knowledge Capture Certificate
29 Aug 2018 KMSG18 Registration (Log in to get membership rates.)
03 Aug 2018 (KMSevent@JAKARTA) Transforming How Organizations Learn: Facing Industry 4.0
17 Jul 2018 Transforming Collaboration in Your Organization - Communities, Change, and Learning by Keith De La Rue
19 Jun 2018 OKS-Strategy
31 May 2018 Knowledge Management (KM) 101 - PROCESS
10 May 2018 Knowledge Management (KM) 101 - LEADERSHIP
20 Apr 2018 KM Awareness by Dr. Karuna Ramanathan
25 Jan 2018 KMS Annual General Meeting 2018
30 Nov 2017 Knowledge Management (KM) 101 - Strategy, with Certification
26 Oct 2017 Knowledge Management (KM) Awareness Talk
12 Oct 2017 KMSG17 Registration (Log in to get membership rates.)
19 Apr 2017 Webinar : Designing A Co-Design Space
23 Mar 2017 Creating your knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO)
23 Feb 2017 iKMS 2017 AGM and KM talk
26 Sep 2016 KM Singapore 2016 - 1st Global Learning Week
26 Jul 2016 KM Masterclass: Creating your Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO)
08 Apr 2016 KM CoP: Session 1 - KM Culture and KM Measurement
31 Mar 2016 KM Talk: The 21st Century Learner
18 Feb 2016 iKMS Annual General Meeting 2016
18 Feb 2016 Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Award Briefing Session
20 Nov 2015 KM Masterclass: Leading KNOWledge SUCCESSion
02 Sep 2015 KM Singapore 2015: Unlocking the Knowledge-Ready Advantage
22 Aug 2015 Special Talk: What You Need to Know About the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
26 Jun 2015 KM Talk: One Evening, Two Speakers
29 Apr 2015 Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards Group Briefing Session 2
20 Apr 2015 Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards Group Briefing Session 1
27 Mar 2015 KM Talk: KM Change Leadership
30 Jan 2015 KM Talk: Improving decision making in projects (and in life)
17 Nov 2014 KM Clinic: Solving Business Problems using a KM Toolkit
01 Oct 2014 KM Singapore 2014: Enabling Innovation through Learning & Knowledge
14 Aug 2014 KM Clinic: Harnessing The Power of Organisational Storytelling
17 Jul 2014 KM Masterclass
30 Jun 2014 KM Workshop: Facilitating Knowledge Creation and Sharing
16 May 2014 iKMS Global Network Event
28 Apr 2014 KM Masterclass: The Next Generation Knowledge Manager
28 Feb 2014 iKMS 2014 Annual General Meeting
10 Jan 2014 KM Clinic 2014 (Postponed until further notice)
15 Nov 2013 KM Metrics: Evolution, Challenges and Possibilities
02 Oct 2013 KM Singapore 2013: Operationalising Knowledge Management for Productivity
21 Jun 2013 Social Media SIG - 3rd Session
26 Apr 2013 SingTel Sharing of External/Internal Usage of Social Media
28 Mar 2013 Intranet SIG Gathering, 28 Mar 2013
23 Nov 2012 Intranet SIG, 23 Nov 2012
05 Sep 2012 KM Singapore 2012: Exploring the Frontiers of KM
16 Mar 2012 Masterclass on Designing Intranets that Work
18 Feb 2012 iKMS 2012 Annual General Meeting
10 Nov 2011 Studying Praxis using a Complex Board Game
31 Aug 2011 KM Singapore 2011: Riding the Wave of Experience
18 Aug 2011 Records Management and Its Relevance Today
14 Jul 2011 Social Media Monitoring
19 May 2011 Back to Basics: Institutional Knowledge at SMU
14 Apr 2011 Conversations with Nancy Dixon
16 Mar 2011 Intranet SIG meeting: Session 3
10 Mar 2011 Case Clinic with Etienne Wenger and Beverly Trayner on Growing Communities of Practice and Networks
03 Mar 2011 Evening talk: British Council's approach to digital information management
26 Feb 2011 iKMS Annual General Meeting 2011
27 Nov 2010 iKMS Leadership Dialogue
16 Nov 2010 Intranet SIG meeting: Session 2
10 Nov 2010 2-DAY USABILITY BOOTCAMP with Christine Perfetti
26 Oct 2010 Southeast Asia Sharepoint Conference
15 Sep 2010 KM Singapore 2010
01 Sep 2010 Intranet SIG kickoff meeting
29 Jul 2010 Straits Knowledge's Public Workshop - Peer Collaboration and Communities
19 May 2010 Practical KM & Social Media @ Siemens
15 Apr 2010 Straits Knowledge's Public Workshop - Project Learning & Knowledge Capture
09 Apr 2010 Public Sector Networking workshop
07 Apr 2010 Bringing Social Media into Technical Writing - The next happening thing in the Tech Comm world
30 Mar 2010 2010 Knowledge Management Conference organised by HKKMS
25 Mar 2010 Straits Knowledge's Public Workshop - Expert Knowledge Transfer
01 Mar 2010 Sharing on the 2009 Intranet Innovation Award-winning Entries
27 Feb 2010 2010 iKMS AGM
26 Nov 2009 Evening Talk: Enhancing Business Value through Leveraging Behavioural Capabilities
08 Sep 2009 Evening Talk: Building a Collaborative Workspace using Stories
13 Aug 2009 KM Singapore 2009
25 May 2009 Evening talk: Personal Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 Tools
02 Apr 2009 Evening Talk: The adaptation of organisations to a knowledge economy and the contribution of social computing
18 Aug 2008 Evening Talk - Workshop on Enterprise 2.0
22 Jul 2008 Evening Talk: Value Networks & KM Adoption
12 Jun 2008 Evening Talk: Building Internal KM Capabilities
29 Apr 2008 Evening Talk: Knowledge Stickiness
04 Apr 2008 Networking evening
13 Mar 2008 Evening talk: User-Driven Taxonomies
23 Feb 2008 Invitation to iKMS's AGM for 2008
29 Jan 2008 Evening talk: How Can We Influence the Knowledge Sharing Culture of an Organisation?
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